Welcome to a selection of onlive videos.  Please note that I am a new actor and my footage is somewhat lacking.  I have several projects in the pipeline and when footage is released I will add. 

Film Showreel

This is my first attempt a showreel.  I am new to acting and getting footage for a showreel is hard when you dont have a showreel to get the work to get the footage

Musical Showreel

A small musical showreel I have compiled from my HND end of year showcase when I was studying performing arts at Gateshead collage in 2020.  

University Project (Feb 2021)

I am currently studying my BA (hons) in Theatre and Performance at Northumbria University.  We were set a pressure task.  To create something in less than 24 hours.  This is my attempt at writing lyrics, singing, recording and editing an inner monologue from a character ‘Saul’ Tinderbox.

University Project (Jan 2021)

As part of our popular performance module, we had to write, film and edit an 11 minute standup performance.  Excuse the dodgy editing, jokes and characters!  This performance is a satirical look at ‘what if all good entertainers retrained’ and we were left with this.. Gary Abraham and his one man cabaret show…

When it Rains

I played a violent drug dealing, drug taking father.  Who when returns home finds his son on the floor taking drugs and assumes that he has taken his drugs. Things soon take a turn for the worse.

Sinderella Vlog

A Vlog I filmed and edited on our opening show day.  ‘A Gateshead Sinderella’ .  The cast and myself devised this adult panto. I played the nasty crude step sisters (Dixie and Roxie (Puppet)) 

Monologue - The Unwanted

A monologue taken from the short play ‘The Unwanted’ by writer Walter Wykes.  Tells the story of a man, whose wife committed Suicide and he feels it was his fault.

Monologue - Nick Sax (Happy!)

This is a monologue I adapted from the Netflix series ‘Happy!’.  The character Nick Sax is kneeling in a garage, with a gun to his head waiting to be killed.

Gary Abraham

Actor and Writer

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